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6-75 12V BATTERY (SIDE POST) #01072

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This broad line of dependable power provides another quality battery choice that strategically integrates value with high performance to deliver the right combination of reliability, longevity, and cranking power. 
● Flush cover design enhances overall battery performance, maintenance, safety, and convenience
● Fortified posts, straps, & welds resist vibration damage, maximize current transfer 
● Enhanced crystallization of plates provide more power-per-pound and enhanced maintenance-free life 
● Short-protector separators and thicker backweb material prevents plate-to-plate shorts 
● Ultra-pure demineralized electrolyte precision filling process ensures exacting levels for extended life 
● Optimized Power Plates and full-frame positive and negative plates prevent life robbing electrical shorts from exposed wire and maximize power and energy storage capacity #0068
● 650 CCA, 90 RC